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*please note, information will be coming soon regarding provision and referrals*
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To provide safe homes, promote healing and empower people to live meaningful lives.

We are an independent charity, supporting people both directly and through referrals – providing housing, support and training.

Founded in 2012 by experienced social worker and social justice campaigner, Nevres Kemal, RMVF began life supporting vulnerable adults and young people in the London area. Since then, the charity has grown, building collaborations and acquiring accommodation in the North East of England to reach more people who need urgent support and housing.

Nevres continues to drive RMVF’s work as founder and director, inspired by the legacy of her daughter, campaigner and social justice warrior Azra Kemal. RMVF is supported by an experienced and passionate team of staff and partners, and governed by a diverse board of trustees.

*Information will be coming soon regarding provision and referrals*


We at RMVF work collaboratively with women in our provision through risk assessment, safety/security planning, practical and emotional support to empower and keep women safe. Referral and presentation to MARAC (Mulit Agency Risk Assessment Conference).

RMVF ‘s VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls) services will help prevent violence against women by providing safe accommodation, to work with local partners to deliver best outcomes for survivors to reduce the risk of repeat violence and to assist survivors in the quest for justice against perpetrators of violence against them and their children.

Please note:
The staff team providing direct support will be women only.
We welcome people from the LGBTQ+ community. 



From supported housing and women’s refuges, to mental wellbeing, training and education, click on one the links below for further information.

Women’s Refuges

The time is now.

We know there have been many difficult and complex reasons for staying. And we understand that the first step to safety is uncertain and frightening. You are no longer alone. We are here to support you.

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Supported Housing

When you’re stuck in a vicious cycle, a safe home is often the first thing you need to break free. We know it can be tough to do it on your own, and we know that negative labels and life experiences can get in the way. We hear you – and that’s why you don’t need to do it alone.

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Pastoral Care

We know that getting the keys to your own front door is just the start. It can sometimes feel daunting managing your home and independence – things that many people seem to take for granted. We hear you – and we won’t underestimate the significance of the steps you’re about to take.

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Employment, Education & Training

Everyone needs purpose – a reason to get out of bed and a way of achieving a sense of reward and satisfaction. While employment is the obvious route, depending on your current needs and circumstances, we can also link you up with training and volunteering opportunities to give you back your confidence, develop your personal skills and build your self worth.

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Whistleblowing and Advocacy 

Putting your head above the parapet can feel frightening and lonely – but you don’t need to do it alone. Whether you’ve witnessed wrongdoing in the workplace, or you’re personally dealing with a legal or social care challenge, we can offer free advice, support and, where appropriate, advocate on your behalf.

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With many decades’ combined experience of social care, legal work, supporting vulnerable people, recovery and advocacy, we are able to offer businesses, local government departments and not-for-profit organisations a unique consultancy service.

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As an organisation, RMVF is guided by a set of core values. These are:



Honesty and transparency

Caring and therapeutic

Seeing beyond the label


The driving force of RMVF.


Nevres Kemal

A loving mother, tireless campaigner and qualified registered social worker for more than three decades, Nevres has a wealth of experience in managing and assessing complex safeguarding and Children in Need cases within statutory and voluntary settings.

She has undertaken independent child protection assessment for local authorities throughout the UK, and was responsible for writing and compiling complex reports for proceedings in various court settings including the Family Division of the High Court.

Nevres has worked as a consultant for many private care providers and has written complex policies and procedures for vulnerable cohorts. She has extensive experience across various senior management roles which include working with NSPCC, local authorities and voluntary sectors, providing staff supervision, case management and training within Leaving Care, First Response and Children in Need teams. 

In 2012, Nevres founded Raising My Voice Foundation (RMVF), providing advocacy services for members of the local community throughout London. In 2018 to add to her already impressive academic achievement, Nevres graduated with a 1st class Honours LLB Law degree from the university of Middlesex. 

In 2020, Nevres sadly lost her only daughter, Azra, in extremely tragic circumstances. Nevres credits Azra for inspiring her charitable work and, as such, in 2022, Nevres expanded RMVF’s reach, investing in, designing and launching bespoke supported housing services in the North East of England.

Although Nevres has oversight of RMVF’s strategic development, she has a very hands-on approach and is involved in the direct delivery of care and support to clients. 

Nevres is a highly respected and sought after individual in her field and her motto is ‘those who feel know’.


Rodney Smith

Rodney is a highly experienced social care professional and lecturer with a wealth of expertise in child protection matters. He has devised and delivered training for residential social workers, foster carers and contact supervisors on childcare planning, child protection, legal proceedings and anti-discriminatory practice.

On behalf of RMVF, Rodney serves as a critical friend and sounding board in matters relating to social care, supervision, management and training.

Rodney and Nevres have known each other since late 1980’s, when they first worked together at Hackney Council and Rodney served as a mentor for the newly qualified Nevres. He has supported RMVF since its inception and he is actively engaged in community organisations and activities, regularly offering his time and skills on a voluntary basis.


Sanjay Kumar Gupta

Sanjay is a highly respected financial advisor/mortgage broker and business owner with more than 30 years’ experience. His London-based company, Next Step Mortgages, supports people in finding and securing the most suitable mortgage for their needs.

As a trustee, Sanjay provides RMVF with sound financial guidance to protect the sustainability and support the development of the charity.

Sanjay devotes his time, money and energy to a range of charitable causes and he is particularly passionate about supporting and amplifying Azra’s legacy.


Gary Crooks

Gary consults with RMVF and works across the region to deliver support in a variety of settings including supported housing, education, health, criminal justice and local communities.

With a focus on working with those who are, or have been, socially disadvantaged, Gary is passionate about helping people to make and maintain positive change, gaining the skills and qualifications needed to progress in life.

RMVF works closely with Gary to benefit clients with access to broader packages of support and training opportunities. 

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