Overcoming homelessness is not an act of charity

it is a act of humanity

Our Partners

2020 Initiative

The 2020 initiative seeks to provide a permanent solution to homelessness in all its forms by housing a minimum of 2,020 people in 2020.

The 2020 Initiative starts with the premise that access to a permanent home is a basic human right and permanent housing is provided to the homeless first rather than last.

This right is not subject to conditions, such as behaving in a certain way, giving up a pet, complying with treatment, or being abstinent from drugs or alcohol, before they are given a home.

The 2020 Initiative does not expect homeless people to earn their right to housing, or to remain in housing: singles, couples and families housed as part of the 2020 Initiative, however, are expected to follow the conditions of their tenancy; and to interact positively with support services, such as food banks, clothing, debt support, help with benefit claims, do as to enable them to re-enter society.

Big Help

The Big Help Project (Knowsley Foodbank) is a local charity in Liverpool with two clear aims: to feed the hungry, and to work with people who are in poverty to help them overcome that poverty and move on to a better future.

In the years they have been operating, they have worked with hundreds of clients-some of these clients have come to them once, with a one-off crisis, whilst others engage with them long-term, accessing support from their additional services such as Jubilee Debt Advice or Next Steps employability support.

In November Big Help was commissioned directly by the Home office to rehabilitate a specialist group of ex-offenders and this sort of housing will complement this work and by taking on such initially rented units we can plan further ahead with the Probation Service, and ensure a better outcome for the ex-offenders we serve.

The Big Help Project is a faith-based organisation. They are committed to helping those in need, whatever their beliefs or views, without reservation or judgement. However, they will always challenge, through word and deed, any ideologies that perpetuate poverty and injustice.

Lotus Sanctuary

Lotus Sanctuary is a community interest company with the pure and simple intention of housing and empowering vulnerable women suffering a range of complex issues; from rough sleepers to domestic violence victims, sexually exploited women and those seeking to get free from drug and alcohol addictions. They equip their residents with the skills that are vital to leading successful, independent lives. Their houses are small with no more than four residents per property in order to avoid a “hostel” like environment, to ensure individualised support and to aid in the resident’s path to independent living.

Each resident is assigned a dedicated support worker who is tasked with tailoring an empowerment plan, assisting them on their journey with us at Lotus Sanctuary and beyond. Their support thesis is based around a holistic approach which is person centred; offering the residents emotional and practical support to aid the healing process and to solve on-going issues. They walk hand in hand with their residents in developing the skills and confidence needed to lead purposeful, contributing and joyous lives.

Sanctum Housing


Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are either homeless, or at risk of losing their home, with many finding themselves in the terrifying position of having nowhere to turn.

With this fate facing so many, Sanctum Housing CIC was founded to provide an alternative. Instead of allowing these vulnerable people to suffer on the streets, we can offer not only a home, but also a helping hand in all areas of life with our dedicated support team.

To this end, our goal is simple: to eradicate rough sleeping by offering supported accommodation, with a holistic approach to recovery. Every individual who becomes a resident with us will be assigned a support worker to help them rebuild their life and move on from homelessness.

While we can never stop new cases of homelessness occurring, we can ensure that rough sleeping is finally ended.

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